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I can always tell if I made the right choice if I wear it immediately and don’t want to change. They far far far exceeded my expectations.

Chloe A.

I am a huge fan and my favorite jewelry pieces were created by her. I love how her pieces are rooted in nature. Besides her unique jewelry lines, her assemblages are equally creative. Not only is Deb a gifted artist, she also provides impeccable customer service.

Denise T

Deborah is an absolutely wonderful jeweler. She worked with me every step of the way to create a unique and special piece, and was a complete professional through the whole process.

Michael C.

I wear at least two pieces by Deborah everyday. No word of a lie. Her artistic pieces are so authentically rendered that perfect strangers come up to me to comment about the beauty of the jewelry. Her inspired earrings, rings and necklaces fill me with delight and connect me to my joy.

Suze A.

Deborah Caperton's designs are a staple for me. She's done custom gifts for my daughters and they are treasures. I love the infusion of nature into her pieces. I can always spot her designs on others due to her unique style of combining different metals and using unique finishes. When so much is mass produced these days, knowing and working with an accomplished metalsmith is a privilege.

Kristen D.

I love Deborah's work! She is my go-to for finding the perfect gift. I have bought several pieces for myself as well over the years and they stand the test of time. Beautiful!

Mitra M.

I've been wearing her work for years and always look forward to her new collections. Two of my favorite pieces are my wax berry necklace, a custom oval link necklace and - of course - my amazing custom wedding ring! Deb is fun to work with and a truly unique talent, highly recommend.

Antonia K.
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wear it

cause it feels good

by hand

nature inspired


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