Weights and Measures

In the ongoing series Weights and Measures (part of Loss & Found), I ponder the meaning of Artifact and how relics have lost their purpose but still remain. One theme is climate change and the complicated factors around the effects and causes. Some pieces are like a warning, while others are an apology. In Go Lightly the directions read: “exhale” (like a sigh; maybe relief, maybe regret). As the butterfly spins affected by one’s breath it is aimless & stuck- it’s antennae replaced by the hands of a clock. What happens when progress becomes problems? In Gone but not Forgotten I fabricate a plumb bob that interferes with true north. My metaphor for messing with the natural order of things is symbolized by tools of measurement that don’t work right. I think about the inventive ways we measure and plan yet in reality we are skewing normal. The opposing polarity in the plumb bob represents the constant challenge of finding center.

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