Sisyphus Rising

The Sisyphus Rising series (part of Loss & Found), is solely comprised of found items that are repurposed to create narrative calling attention to the irony, gravity and repetition of days unfolding. In Greek mythology, Sisyphus went from being founder and king of Ephyra to an afterlife eternity of rolling an immense boulder up a hill only to watch it roll back down. I find many parallels to my daily life within this myth. I have used what are basically scraps to build these pieces. Things that were screw-ups or castoffs from my jeweler’s bench, flotsam from the beach or nature’s debris, these materials symbolize the detritus we all create and that never really goes away. By peppering these items in the repeating landscape of Sisyphus I share my perspective. When I take the time to look deep into these details it feels humorous and ironic which surprises and calms me. Life has many mundane repeating cycles. Without humor and irony, being alive can feel like pushing that boulder and watching it just roll back down.

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